About Me

Hey, I'm Einar Gudni. Most folks know me as Einar.

I graduated as a computer scientist from the University of Iceland in the summer of 2020. I live in Reykjavík. I work as a software developer at Maul.


I'm passionate in many different areas. I train Crossfit, and I like to eat and cook food. I love to zip on a good cup of coffee or a glass of good wine. My plan is to be over 100 years old, so I try to play long-term games.

I'm very dedicated to learn new things and to truly believe that you should never stop learning. I enjoy creating different things, whether that be websites, application or anything in between.

At my first full-time job as a developer I feel like I've been very lucky to experience a broad and diverse part of projects and tasks. I get to deal with everything from user feedback, design and to backend tests and improving parts of our daily operations.



Software Developer  @  Maul
Reykjavik, Iceland
October 2020 - present
Helped growing the company from delivering around 2000 orders per week in one Reykjavik to delivering over 8000 orders and expanding abroad.
Work with a variety of different technologies, such as, JavaScript, React, Tailwind CSS, React-Query, Xstate, Dynamo DB, AWS services to name a few
Maintain and build software for customers, restaurants and internal tools. Help to build systems to improve our operation.
Contractor  @  GigOver
Reykjavik, Iceland
October 2022 - present
Frontend developer for a young startup aiming to improve project management in the construction industry
Writing code in TypeScript, React, Chakra UI, React-Query, Firebase
building new features to the web application
Software Developer  @  Reboot hack
Reykjavik, Iceland
August 2019 - March 2020
Worked in a team of three developers to build and maintain a website for Reboot Hack 2020, the first ever student organized hackathon in Iceland
Website held information about the event along side sign up form. Built with Node JS, React and Bootstrap. PostgreSQL database
Helped doing multiple things for the event, such as, advertisement, organize IT and more