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My Macbook Pro setup


A post on how I set up my brand new and first ever macbook machine 🚀🚀

This is the first time ever I have owned a macbook machine, so some of the software here is new to me. I didn't want to overboard and try out everything I found. This setup will most likely change in some way over the time, when I get more comfortable using the macOS.


Here we have the specs for my new machine

  • Type: Macbook Pro
  • Size: 14"
  • Chip: Apple M1 Max
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • SSD: 1 TB
  • OS: macOS Monterrey

For comparsion here are the specs for my old machine

  • Type: Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe
  • Size: 13"
  • Chip: Intel I7-8550U
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • SSD: 512 GB
  • OS: Windows 11

My old machine was in a no sense a bad machine, I love the look of it, a beatiful blue color with gold accent color. It looks great, the performance was also great. The small form factor of the 13" is great.

However, my new macbook is so much faster than my old machine. By very rough calculations it was almost 7x faster to start up a live server on my work project. I'm also very exited to get used to the macOS. I thought the initial switch over would cause me more headache, but so far it has been going great!ß


Since this is my first ever macbook I did some research before I received it. 🤓

Before this I think I had only used macOS machine for a total of 2 hours or so ever. So to say that I'm new into the mac world is a great understatement.

Here below are some of the applications I installed.


Brew is a open-source package manager for macs, that simplifies the installation of software. Homebrew has been recommended for its ease of use as well of as its easy integration into the command line interfaces.


Terminal with a lot of features and custamizability. Some of the features that I like are:

  • Split panes
  • Hotkey window
  • Search
  • Autocomplete
  • Paste history
  • Configurability

All of these features and more make the iTerm a great terminal. The hotkey window makes it quickly accessible.


Framwork to manage your zsh configurations

This is how my iTerm2 looks:

second brain

I used oh-my-zsh to customize it, add color theme and icons.


A window manager, super useful with keyboard shortcuts I like the keyboard shortcuts that let you move window between monitors.


Alfred is a great tool for productivity. After using it for only a few days I feel like I would’ve wanted a tool similar to this on my windows machine.

VS Code

I was also using VS Code on my Windows machine, here I have more detailed information about extensions and more :)


Obsidian as my tool to help my think. I believe that using a note-taking tool that has bi-directonal linking can help you build knowledge.

I am working on drafting a post on my new workflow using Obsidian, stay tuned!


Around is a great online video/team software. I highly recommend it.


I used to use lastpass as a pasword manager but I'm moving to 1Password. I started using it at my work and I liked it a lot. I also see a high upside to use just one password manager. I have two accounts but I can easily switch between them. This makes managing my passwords way more frictionless.


Like I mentioned before, I'm super new into macOS so if you know of an app that you like don't hesitate to recommend it to me.

This setup might change while I get more used to my new machine, I will highlight my current setup here, I am working on rebuilding the 'Uses' section.

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