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Post 30-day challenge


Yesterday I posted for the last day of June. For those of you who didn't know, I decided to post one thing I discovered online for every day of June. This could basically by anything I stumbled up on online.

In the end it ended up being quite programming and react heavy, which is not surprising since I work a lot with React.

Some of the posts are not as detailed as each other, some are short, some are long. This is mainly because I had different amount of time for each day. But still, I hope it helps you discover something new.

Overall this was fun. I think that I'm not the only one who stumbles upon super interesting things every day, so very soon I'll write antoher post on about how I 'collect' things so that I don't loose them straight away.

Here are links to each day.

This was a fun little challenge but what I'm more excited about is that I updated the blog a bit over this month, so now I have tags on each post and a specific page to see all of the tags.

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