Where am I and what am I doing?

Last updated: 5 Mars 2023
Location: Kastrup, Copenhagen,
Weather: 6°C, sunny
Reading: Hyperfocus - Shawn "@swyx"
Podcast: Danny Miranda
Eating: N/A
Drinking: Coffee
I work as a software developer at Maul

We deliver various and delicous lunch to workplaces in Reykjavík.

We at Maul strive to improve the quality of your lunch by offering courses from multiple restaurants and saving you from the constant "what should I have for lunch" conundrum.

I spent this last three weeks to help make the Tiffin project go live in Copenhagen. We did so many things over this last week to make our systems ready. It's not perfect but we took the big step to start serving customers. So if you'r company is in the need of a delicious and various lunch and you are in the vicinity of Vesterbro reach out.🥳🥳🥳

Our new router is also live. Well, at least the first version of it. We decided to split to few versions. The reason for that is that we are a small team of three developers, so it is expensive time wise to keep tasks ongoing for too long. We also wanted to leverage a part of this new router to improve the UX on our site for the Copenhagen launch. My mental model regarding this new way of structuring router and the data fetching is always getting clearer. I look forward to continuing to refactoring our code to to use more of this new react-router version.

You can read more about this new version of react-router here react router version 6.4.

I recently started working as a contractor for GigOver

It's an interesting project aimed to help construction workers be more on top of thei projects.

It's built in TypeScript, React, chakra-ui and react-query. I'm working on the frontend part of the project. They do also have an app built in Flutter. I don't have any experience with Flutter, but it would be fun to get experience and learn something new.

I'm not very experienced at writing code in TypeScript but, I want to improve so this is a grate opportunity to get better. The guys who build the gigOver site did a good job and I hope that I'm not ruining the codebase too much with my sloppy TS code 😬.


I published a short e-book about how to make LaTeX templates for your homework, aimed towards beginners.It's available here.

I wrote a post about the system I built in Obsidian. You can read it here. It's not the best system in the world but it helps me a lot to keep control over the things I want to do. I recommend that you read it and try out Obsidian to make your own system.
For more examples of folks with /now pages, check out nownownow.com

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