Where am I and what am I doing?

Last updated: 9 November 2022
Location: Reykjavik,
Weather: 4°C, sunny
Reading: Coding career Handbook - Shawn "@swyx"
Podcast: Huberman Lab
Eating: N/A
Drinking: Coffee
I work as a software developer at Maul

We deliver various and delicous lunch to workplaces in Reykjavík.

We at Maul strive to improve the quality of your lunch by offering courses from multiple restaurants and saving you from the constant "what should I have for lunch" conundrum.

We've been spending are getting ready to launch in Copenhagen 🥳. We have great people on the ground setting things up and getting ready. It's so much fun to take part in something like this. I'm really excited to see how it goes.

The biggest task I'm working on is re-writing our router. We use react-router like so many other websites, they release and interesting updates a while ago. This project is a big one, since it touches on a lot of things in our codebase. I think the new mental model with the actions and loader is way more clearer. The biggest pros in thise update is that it's going to remove some of the problems we have been dealing with.

You can read more about this new version of react-router here react router version 6.4.

I like the execute programming method of courses since they use spaced-repition. I believe that is on of the best way to learn.

I recently started working as a contractor for GigOver

It's an interesting project aimed to help construction workers be more on top of thei projects.

It's built in TypeScript, React, chakra-ui and react-query. I'm working on the frontend part of the project. They do also have an app built in Flutter. I don't have any experience with Flutter, but it would be fun to get experience and learn something new.


I've been slowly building this website, trying to share interesting things with anyone who wants to read it. This article is a great reason to start your blog.

I published a short e-book about how to make LaTeX templates for your homework, aimed towards beginners.It's available here.

I'm thinking about if I should start to re-write my blog to TypeScript. Like I mentioned I want to improve my TypeScript skill, so a real deliberate practice will help greatly. It will depend on what time I have. Since I started working as a contractor I have less extra time. But it would be a good project to work on it over longer time-period. Don't understimate the work done in small chunks but over long time.

For more examples of folks with /now pages, check out nownownow.com

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