Where am I and what am I doing?

Last updated: 28 September 2022
Location: The Coffe Colletive,
Weather: 10°C, cloudy
Reading: The Idiot Brain - Dean Burnett
Podcast: The Fantasy Footballers
Eating: N/A
Drinking: Coffe
I work as a software developer at Maul

We deliver various and delicous lunch to workplaces in Reykjavík.

We at Maul strive to improve the quality of your lunch by offering courses from multiple restaurants and saving you from the constant "what should I have for lunch" conundrum.

At this moment I'm mostly using technology such as React, Tailwind, AWS lambda, S3, and more. We recently started to migrate to Vercel from AWS S3

I recently started a project to update a part of our data to match our new data model. It's not the most fun project to do, but it's important for us to finish this project.

It will help us a lot in regard to other projects we have.

I finished the TypeScript basics course and I've started on the Everyday TypeScript course on Execute Programming.

I like the execute programming method of courses since they use spaced-repition. I believe that is on of the best way to learn.


I've been slowly building this website, trying to share interesting things with anyone who wants to read it. This article is a great reason to start your blog.

I published a short e-book about how to make LaTeX templates for your homework, aimed towards beginners.It's available here.

I went to Oktoberfest in Munich with some friend, I though it would be fun to make a drink counter and a bingo!

You can see the live webpage here.

If you want to read more details about this project you can do that soon. I will release a post about it this next week.

For more examples of folks with /now pages, check out nownownow.com

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