Personal Website 5.0

Current version. Next.js 13, App router, server components, planetscale

Next.jsTailwind CSSmdx


Website for the 2022 Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Counter and a bingo card uilt with TypeScript.


Personal Website 4.0

Current version. Improved the blog a lot, rebuilt with tailwind and a lot of extra features.

Next.jsTailwind CSSmdx

Course grader

Web application built to allow students from the computer science department from the university of Iceland to review and grade their classes.


Reboot Hack 2020

Information and registration webpage for Reboot Hack, the first student driven hackathon in Iceland.



Web application built with Java Spring and Thymeleaf HTML templates, Makes users complete challenges to decrease their carbon footprint.

Java SpringPostgresQLHTML

GAIA v2.0

Android app built to use a RESTful API. Users make their own profile that calculates their carbon footprint. Users can complete challenges to decrease their carbon footprint.

JAVARESTful APIAndroid Studio

Grade Checker

Simple python scripts that logs in to my University of Iceland account to check if I have received my exam grades, if I have then it sends me an email.


NFL Pick-em

Webservice for a NFL pick-em game. Gets the schedule from NFL, lets the user choose the winner. Has working authentication. Plan is to build a React or Typescript front end to work with his project.


Personal Website 3.0

Again, some improvements. Moved from Gastby to Next, started to blog


Personal wbsite 2.0

Second version of my personal website. Little improvements, showing projects and more.


Personal website 1.0

First version of my personal website. Nothing spectacular, just to buy domain and try things.